September 15, 2023 by Gregg DeMey

The most exuberant call in all of sports originated with Andrés Cantor, an Argentine-American sportscaster who is well known throughout the Americas for his color commentary during association football (soccer) matches. His ability to stretch out the single word “goal” into a 30-second long celebration of a kick well-scored borders on the miraculous.

Señor Cantor sets a good example for those of us who aspire to set and score goals in other areas of life as well. On Sunday, August 27, our elected leaders (Elders, Deacons, the Senior Leadership Team) got together to prayerfully discern some audacious goals for the church for the coming year, three in total, one for each of the three dimensions in which we envision the Holy Spirit helping us to grow:

UP in worship, IN with deeper community life, and OUT in service and outreach.

In particular, the OUT goal for the year ahead is this:

We will multiply the power-of-an-invitation by challenging “All In” members to make at least ONE MORE invitation this year to a ministry that they enjoy and benefit from.

Good news is meant to be shared!

But who should I invite? And what should I invite them to?

That’s for you and the Holy Spirit to work on together! A good invitation is well-timed and well-targeted. It’s free of pressures or obligation. A good invitation should be 100% attractive and no strings attached.

If there is a ministry at Elmhurst CRC that you have especially sensed God’s presence and goodness (it could be Little Lambs, CoffeeBreak, Worship, your Small Group etc…) that would be a natural target. An invitation should be connected to your own enthusiasm. It’s like inviting a friend to try the incredible food at a restaurant that you’ve just discovered. A good invitation rises up from the motivation that you have something lovely to share.

Some of us are inviting all the time. Others of us are a little more hesitant. This is why the goal for the year is to extend ONE MORE invitation than you did last year. If you were a 20+ invitation maker in 2023, let’s stretch to 25 or 30 in 2024. If you made 2 invitations, prayerfully stretch to 3. If you haven’t made an invitation at all lately, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the courage and guidance to make just one!

Success is achieved when an invitation is made, not just when an invitation is accepted. We can’t force people to say “yes.” But, merely making an invitation allows us to share the heart of the God who is always inviting people to “come and follow.”

Jesus had no hesitation sharing the life-altering words, “Come, follow me.” And while not even Jesus had a perfect track record of invitations accepted, the world is different because a few of those disciples: the Chosen who said “yes” to him. Lord willing, at this Sunday’s worship service, we’ll hear echoes of that invitation as we gather to hear God’s Word once again.

Pastor Gregg

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