Our church vision statement calls us to be “water and light” in the western suburbs and beyond. That’s a powerful reminder that we do not exist for ourselves alone, but to serve others. Elmhurst CRC is committed to sharing love through serving, whether that be locally with our ministry partners, globally with our missionary partners, or within the walls of Elmhurst CRC.

Not sure where to serve? Our GPS Survey helps you understand yourself and your gifts better as it connects you with specific ministry opportunities within the life of our church, locally and globally, with our church community partners. Find out more.

GPS Survery


If you enjoy the following experiences, then the Hospitality team is for you.


Greets people with a warm and welcoming demeanor, and extends hospitality to guests, members, and friends.


Guides people to seats and provides informational resources lends a hand as needed, and contributes to a warm and welcoming environment.


Provides information, answer questions, give directions for guests and friends about anything related to the function of the church.

Team Leader

Leads team huddle prior to service and sets schedule and maintains unity and purpose within each team.

If Hospitality sounds like it’s the right fit for you, sign up below.

Hospitality Sign Up

Hospitality Sign Up

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Creative Arts

If you enjoy the following experiences, the Creative Arts team may be your place to serve.


Music is an important part of our worship each week. If you sing or play an instrument, share your gift, we would love to hear from you.

Lights & Audio

You’ll help enhance the worship experience with good lighting and sound. If you have some technical experience, we would like to hear from you.

Visual Arts

Contributes to all the visual experiences in worship: video, photography, multimedia projects, and other creative visual elements.


We’ve got a lot of things plugged in here, and it takes a lot to make things run. If you have experience, or a knack for, all software and tech, we need you!

If Creative Arts sounds like it’s the right fit for you, sign up below.

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Creative Arts Sign Up

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