Wake Up

December 14, 2017

There are a variety of ways to wake up. I prefer the slow, no-alarm, linger-for-few-minutes under warm covers approach. That doesn’t always work out, however. During this week of final exams, I have one family member (who shall remain nameless) who has preferred to begin singing boisterously at least a full hour before sunrise. This has offered our family repeated opportunities for the immediate-style wake up.

The Scriptures repeatedly encourage God’s people to wake up in this sort of fashion. God doesn’t seem very sympathetic to our spiritual drowsiness. God doesn’t deem it necessary to bring us to our spiritual senses in slow, comfortable sort of way. God wants us awake and at the ready.

Psalm 24 is one of those scriptural alarms. “Lift up your heads…” the Psalm begins. In other words, “WAKE UP! PAY ATTENTION! God is coming near.” Yes and Amen.

I’ve included a musical version of Psalm 24 that I recorded in my office just this week. The words come from a devotional book that is very dear to me. Enjoy the music—and—even in the midst of these dark December days, let your soul wake up to the greatest coming of them now—less than two weeks off.

Lift up your head, you mighty gates
Behold, the King of Glory waits
The King of kings is drawing near
The Savior of the world is here
Come, Lord Jesus! Come and save

Redeemer, come with us abide
Our hearts to you we open wide
Let us your inner presence feel
Your love and grace in us reveal
Come, Lord Jesus! Come and save

~ Pastor Gregg

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