Save Their Ears Headbands

April 17, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to spread and the demand for homemade face masks increases some folks have wondered “How can I help if I can’t sew?”

ECRC member Denise Mason Smith initially wondered that too. But when nurse friends remarked how wearing surgical masks all day, every day is hard on your ears - it can be incredibly painful - Denise knew she wanted to help. Denise and her sister Kathleen Mason Chmura discovered an online community creating headbands for healthcare workers and saving them from sore ears!

So they jumped in. Denise has been sewing buttons on the headbands and cutting fabric for Kathleen to sew into masks. The comfort headbands and homemade masks have been provided to Elmhurst Hospital Emergency Room, Park Place and even Spectrum Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI.

Even kids have helped! Neighbor friends, Fiona Kelly and Sahrya Lanenga, have helped create the special “thank you” cards that are placed in every “Save Their Ears” headband sent out to healthcare and essentials workers.

If you’d like more information and directions on how you can help “Save Their Ears” and make headbands for healthcare and essential workers, contact Denise Mason Smith at [email protected]. #onebuttonatatime

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