Sabbatical Update

June 16, 2023 by Gregg DeMey

Hi, Elmhurst CRC family and friends, and greetings to you from Sabbatical time. While I’ve been away, I’ve had a lot of life breathed back into me through travel, study, and rest. These experiences have inspired all sorts of creative ideas within me, many of them musical in nature.

With the help of Mark Klooster as expert recording engineer, I’ve started making a few early recordings of songs, both old and new. The spirit of the songs I’m working on is not to wow or entertain, but rather to serve as a foundation from which to pray, meditate, and even possibly heal.

Recording music is a process, and the version of “The Rising of the Son” attached here is merely step one in what I anticipate will be a three-step process. I love this song as an accompaniment to Communion on Sunday morning, or being with Jesus any old day of the week. Enjoy!

- Pastor Gregg

The Rising of the Sun audio 10.648 MB

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