Queen for the Day

October 19, 2018

Earlier this week, when my colleagues teased me about being the “highest ranking”* staff person in the office, I took full advantage.

By full advantage, I mean: I joked about my newfound power on Facebook and gladly wore the faux crown, scepter, AND sword that Kara Hackert brought me from her children’s ministry collection. And as Queen for the Day, I may have also accepted a few fake bribes and made a couple fingers-crossed promises. This will teach the Pastors and Executive Director to be gone on the same day!

Joking aside, there is something quite wonderful about letting yourself dream in “Queen for a Day” mode. While of course, no one at our church--not on any level of leadership--has sovereignty (thank the good Sovereign Lord!), dreaming about what we’d do if we had the unilateral power to change anything at church is pretty fun.

I love this church and submit to her teachings, but I am human--with a mind and lots of opinions. Therefore, as I mused in Queen for a Day mode, I came up with a few things—from policies and procedures to paint colors—I’d tweak if I could with a mere wave of my scepter.

Certainly any of us who’ve spent enough time at church would have our own lists.

At the top of mine? One word: Welcome. Time and again I’ve prayed--in public and private-- that we be a church where everybody feels (and is!) welcome: to be who they are, to live their gifts, to ask their questions, to work out their faith, to mess up, and ultimately to experience the overwhelming love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Crazy thing is, as I look back over my nearly 40 years (!!!!!) as a member of Elmhurst CRC, that’s always been my Queen for a Day wish.

But of course, that requires the act of a Queen for a Day! For our church to be welcoming means that I be more welcoming! That I follow this prompt of the Holy Spirit--and encourage others to do the same.

We don’t have to be Queens or Kings or Acting Directors or Executive Directors and we don’t have to be Deacons or Elders or SLT Members to bring holy, Spirit-led change to a church (or the world beyond!).

We are, after all, empowered as “a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession” (1 Peter 2:9).

Those roles carry a lot of weight and bear a lot of responsibility--and so, when God puts something on our hearts, when God gives us some Queen for a Day dreams, it is important we pay attention to them.

Of course, we don’t all get to decide paint colors or personnel policies (again, thank the Lord!). Various wise and willing leaders make good and godly decisions in these areas.

But this church is also filled with good and godly, courageous and creative chosen people (priests!) who pray, who dream, who feel the Spirit at move in this church, and who can effect change--as individuals, as ministry leaders, as small group members--by heeding Spirit-led, Queen for a Day dreams, and following God’s prompting to action.

It’s an exciting time to be part of this church. I can’t wait to see what the Spirit does as we follow God’s leading and step into some new (and old!) territory and our Queen for a Day dreams.

Peace in the meantime—

Caryn Rivadeneira
Acting Director of Care and Worship Planning
Elmhurst CRC

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