In the Flow, Part II

October 11, 2018 by Gregg DeMey

Last week I wrote about being “in the flow” of the Holy Spirit while drawing a comparison to a kayak carried downstream the power of a strong, pre-existing current. This week, I’d like to share a song on the same topic. I wrote it a couple of years ago while contemplating the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi who loved every corner of creation and found grounds for worship in everything from the feathers of chickadees to the strength of wolves.

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This song also will appear live on Friday evening when the Broken Halos open for Fernando Ortega at Elmhurst CRC! Lyrics are below.

Grace and peace to you as you find your place in the big song,

Pastor Gregg

It flows in the river, it swells on the sea

It rides on the wind and it sings through the trees

It grows in the garden and deep underground

Can you hear the sound?

It shines in the summer, it colors the fall

It’s steady through the winter and never withdraws

It summons the spring, the great things and small

Hear the common call

All of creation sings your praise

I stand amazed amidst all that you’ve made

All of creation cries to you

And I do too

It rises with morning, it’s radiant and bright

It dances and dapples and plays in the daylight

It whispers in evening and hums through the night

Feel the Earth’s delight

It spins with the planets, it courses through space

It fills every atom and inch of this place

It finds it’s perfection in the whole human race

Come, let’s take our place

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