Meet Erin Pacheco

Meet Erin Pacheco

March 15, 2024 by Gregg DeMey

This week, our church community is taking a big step forward in inhabiting our vision to follow Jesus in three dimensions: (1) Upwards in connecting to God in worship – (2) Inward in connecting to one another in friendship – and (3) Outward in serving our neighbors. Pastor Jeff has done an amazing job of stretching us in the outward dimension over the past five years. And, starting this week, we’ll have the benefit of having a skillful leader with the full-time focus of growing our commitment to worship, both on Sunday and all of life. I’ve asked Erin a few questions with the hope that her responses will put you on the fast track of knowing and appreciating her as much as I do!

– Pastor Gregg

Q: When did you first discover a love of music and a calling to ministry?
A: My parents tell me I was three years old when I first started picking out church songs by ear at the piano. As a child in suburban Toronto, I was blessed to have piano teachers who also played piano at our church and they were quick to pull me into worship leadership. At first, I was just playing little offertory solos (my first one was “He is Exalted”!). Later, I was playing piano to support congregational singing, and eventually, somebody put a microphone in front of me, too. As I grew into my gifts, I found myself attending to more than just the music. I came to really care about the words we sing and the ways a worship service can tell a story and shape our faith. I also love using music to help a congregation develop a sense of shared belonging and identity together.

Q: Have you served at other churches in the past?
A: Yes! I’ve had the privilege of leading worship at Grace & Peace Community in Chicago, Church of the Savior (Anglican) in Wheaton, Grace in Garfield Christian Reformed Church in Chicago, and Hope Christian Reformed Church in Oak Forest. I’ve also been on staff at Trinity Christian College as the Director of Campus Worship for the past five years. I’ve learned so much in, and from, each of these worshiping communities, and they’ve shaped me into the leader I am today.

Q: What about this position at Elmhurst CRC stirred something in you?
A: Honestly, this position feels like a timely gift from the Lord. For years, I’ve been juggling multiple part-time jobs, long commutes, my kids, and my own education – all in the name of ministry – and it’s taken a toll on me and on our family. Partway through 2023, I made a conscious decision to “get off the hamster wheel” and slow down. We were in a season of waiting to see what new doors the Lord would open when I first heard about this position at Elmhurst CRC. I love ECRC’s intergenerational community and values, and I’m excited to explore together how worship can lead to growth in spiritual maturity for people of all ages and walks of life.

Q: How does your family feel about this new adventure?
A: We’re all excited! My husband, Moises (Moe), is a Christian Reformed church planter with a passion for cultivating meaningful connections between the city and the suburbs. Our family’s home church is our church plant in the city, Grace in Garfield, which meets on Saturday nights. That will continue to be the case for Moe and the kids – so they might not be at ECRC every Sunday. But they’re also excited about “Mommy’s new Sunday church” and they’re eager to meet new friends and plug into some of the fun kids programming at ECRC.

Q: Are you looking forward to anything this Sunday in particular?
A: I’m mostly excited to finally start! I’ve experienced such a warm welcome already, and I’m eager to settle in and just sing together. Plus this Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, so we’ll have a few extra nods to Celtic Christianity in the service.

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