Back to School Prayer

August 17, 2018 by Gregg DeMey

Last week in worship, I asked all the students (pre-K through high school) who were about to start to school to stand. It was a lot of kids. They were then joined by college students and post grads. They were then joined by teachers, profs, school administrators, and staff. By the time we were done, more than half the room was standing!

We are a church community deeply committed to growing the life of the mind in and out of the classroom. For our congregation, a huge part of our Christian calling is worked out in our schools. It’s good for us to recognize this and to recommit this significant part of our lives together into God’s hands through prayer.

Below, you’ll find the words of prayers that were spoken by Kara Hackert (our Children’s Ministries Coordinator) and myself during worship. I strongly encourage you to use, speak, and share parts of this prayer around your dinner tables and on behalf of your kids, grandkids, and friends as we launch into a new year of learning in Jesus’ name.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Gregg

We thank you for each precious child in this room.
We thank you for creating them and for loving them.
We thank you for each different personality, talent, and gift that you have given them.
We ask that you hold each one in your protective hands this school year.

God please walk with our preschool children on that very exciting first day of school and every day after that.

Bless our elementary children as they grow, investigate, and explore your world.

Please Lord guide our middle school students who are learning so much about who you created them to be.

Challenge our high school students with their studies and give them perseverance and a passion for what they are learning.

Guard over those heading off to college and encircle them in your love and shelter.

Father give our kids a desire to be kind to and supportive of each other. Help them to make good friends and also to be good friends. Please direct them to make wise choices and to look to you for guidance in all areas of their life.

Please, Lord, still any anxious thoughts, calm nerves, and provide peace in their hearts. Give them confidence and strength realizing that you have not given them a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.

Please, Father, help our children to thrive at school this year.

We ask for your presence and blessing to rest on the teachers, administrators and staff. We put a great deal of faith and trust in them, and we ask, Jesus, that you will give them the strength and patience they need to serve the children of their schools well in the coming year. Help them to wisely pattern their lives so that they stay fresh and energetic. Help them find that delicate balance of being easy to please but hard to satisfy so that all under their care might feel both warmth and affection, and the healthy challenge to keep working hard.

God, we believe it’s your intention to keep your people green and growing, learning and transforming. We pray that in all the schools that are represented here —home schools, public schools, Christian schools—that your kingdom will come and your will be done.

Lord, receive glory and honor from our learning.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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