5th Sunday Serve

5th Sunday Serve

January 30, 2022

5th Sunday Serve

On the 5th Sunday of the month, we go out and reach out to serve our neighbors. We call it 5th Sunday Serve, and this month, we've got lots of outdoor and indoor neighbor needs available!

Save the Date - January 30, 2022 - for our next Serve opportunity!

Blood Drive - We will be giving blood again—there is a shortage. The blood drive will be onsite at the ECRC building from 9 am to 2 pm. Sign up for your preferred time slot here. (45 needed)

DIY Valentines Gifts for the Kids at York CenterWe will be making personalized Valentine gifts that include a handmade fleece scarf, treat bag, toy, and card for 40 children. (30 needed, all ages)

PADS Hotels – PADS stands for “Public Action to Deliver Shelter.” It is a mercy ministry for those who find themselves homeless for whatever reason. Due to the Pandemic, PADS has altered their strategy from homeless people moving from church to church to homeless people being housed in hotels. Currently, there are 168 Adults and 86 Children staying at these hotels. We won’t cure homelessness by blessing these people with some simple gifts, but we will show them the love of Jesus and let them know that someone sees them. Come and pack these gifts up and then head to a hotel and knock-on doors and meet some of the unseen people of DuPage County. (40 people needed)

Jubilee II – This “resale” shop will open in March (at least that is the hope). Final preparations are underway to get it ready. We need a crew of painters, cleaners, demolition experts, and all around get the store ready to open crews. We will unleash this army with lots of different jobs to help this business as mission store open ASAP. (50 people needed)

Blessing Bags – We will be assembling “Blessing Bags” for a number of different locations: (40 people needed)

  1. Teachers in Bellwood and Berkley – Our church started in Bellwood over 90 years ago. The Superintendent of schools in this district said it’s been a very difficult year for the teachers, and he is looking for a tangible way to thank them. Pastor Jeff told him we would help.
  2. · People on the Street Corners – Have you seen the people with cardboard signs all over the place? What do you do for them? We would like to make a blessing bag specially designed for those folks that you can keep in your car and hand out the window.
  3. · Nurses at Elmhurst Hospital – The medical community is overwhelmed as COVID has again filled beds and emergency rooms with people needing help. Wouldn’t it be great to let the nurses know that they are seen and that we are grateful for their service?
  4. · Students in Brandywine – Lots of these students come from homes that do not have the resources we have. It would be great to be able to refresh school supplies and provide some other encouragement to keep them going through the school year.

Food Distribution –There continue to be families who could use food assistance as we continue through COVID and beyond. We will need to pack up this food into boxes and then deliver it at certain locations between 11am and noon to the families who need it. (20 people needed)

World Relief Warehouse – World Relief is the organization working to help acclimate Afghan Refugees into the country and get them started on a new life here. The Warehouse at World Relief is receiving lots of donations towards this and they are short staffed to be able to organize it all. We need a crew of organizers and movers to help get things in order. (15 People needed)

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