5th Sunday Serve

5th Sunday Serve

October 31, 2021

5th Sunday Serve

On the 5th Sunday of the month, we go out and reach out to serve our neighbors. We call it 5th Sunday Serve, and this month, we've got lots of outdoor and indoor neighbor needs available!

October 31, 2021

Prison Ministry Packs – We will be packing Care Packs for men in Angola and Hunt Correctional Facilities in Louisiana and Parchment Correctional Facility in Mississippi. These men have been locked down through much of the past two years due to COVID. We would like to encourage these men and provide them with some gifts of love. Jesus said, “when I was in prison, you visited me.” (FULL)

Gift Bags for Cook County Temporary Juvenile Detention Center – This facility houses kid who have been charged with crimes and are under the age of 18. We have had a long-time relationship with the director and the facility through our Prison Ministries here at ECRC. Due to COVID, we have been kept from visiting in person for over 18 months. We will be making gifts bags for several of the residents to bless them as they approach Christmas. (FULL)

Renee, Rose & Art's Yard Cleanup –
Renee is an elderly woman who lives right around the corner from the Church building in Villa Park. She recently fell at work and broke her shoulder. Due to complications with her health, she is presently unable to take care of her yard at all. We get to bless Renee with a crew to clean up her yard before the winter months hit.
Art -
Art is 98 years old and he has a bad leg. He needs help getting the leaves cleaned up in his yard. We need some rakers and leaf picker-uppers.
Rose - Rose needs help in her yard cleaning up the leaves and she needs on bush trimmed. We need some rakers and a bush trimmer to help Rose with her yard. (35 Needed)

Rita's Painting Project-
Rita lost her husband and is having a hard time taking care of her home. She is embarrassed by the condition of the outside of her house. She would love to have her window frames painted as well as her windows cleaned. Can we get a group of painters out to help Rita? (7 Needed)

Jubilee Furniture II – This is a business as Mission effort where quality used furniture will be sold to benefit the ministry going on at the York Resource Center. The “profits” made at the store from the resale of quality used furniture will go to fund the ongoing tutoring work at YCRC as well as family services and youth development. The target for this store opening in mid-November. We need to get the outside ready and beautified for the opening of the store. This will involve some bushwhacking as well as garbage cleanup. There might be some other tasks inside the building related to moving furniture or minor cleanup. (40 Needed)

Immunization Clinic – We will offer Shingles (first shot), Flu, and COVID-booster shots for people in the community. We will need hosts to welcome people in and help them find their way around. (7 Needed)

Blood Drive - We will be giving blood again—there is a shortage. The blood drive will be onsite at the ECRC building from 9 am to 2 pm. Sign up for your preferred time slot here. (45 needed)

Stevenson School Gardens – One of the schools that serves the community around Brandywine is Stevenson School. We have been building a relationship with the school over the past couple of years. The principal of the school has asked if we could clean up the garden boxes behind the school. This is a job that her custodial staff does not have time to do. (8-10 Needed)

PADS – There continue to be homeless people all around us in DuPage County. PADS stands for Public Action to Deliver Shelter. Before COVID, this happened in church buildings every night of the week. ECRC was serving the homeless once a month before COVID at the Presbyterian Church in Elmhurst. PADS has since moved the people into three hotels. Last January, we blessed these people with a visit and some gifts. This is an opportunity to meet homeless residents and bring them some needed items that they have difficulty providing for themselves. (20-25 Needed)

York Resource Center Family Fall Fest - York Community Resource Center is a multi-purpose neighborhood resource center serving residents of Brandywine and the surrounding community, providing them the opportunity to become all that God intends them to be. Staff is professionally trained to serve each person’s physical, social and spiritual needs. Services are available without preference to all people and, where fees apply, based on one’s ability to pay. York Resource Center provides after-school tutoring for Elementary and Middle School kids as well as family stabilization where needed. ECRC provides a once-a-week God Time for the students in the Elementary Program.

Kara Hackert and her team will be leading this Family Fall Fest in Knolls Park in Lombard. (FULL)

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