Prayer: Just Give it a Try

August 8, 2019 by Gregg DeMey

I remember being coaxed by my mother at the beginning of the new school year: “Now you’re in 5th grade. Just give it a try. It’s going to be alright.” When I became a parent myself, I routinely used this same technique on my kids: “Spinach is green and leafy like lettuce.Just give it a try.”

Even as adults, we are hesitant with new or unfamiliar things. When we feel like a newbie or a beginner, we are wary of putting ourselves out there and possibly humiliating ourselves. The old adage rings true even for risk averse grownups: Just give it a try.

When it comes to our prayer lives, many (most!) of us feel like we are newbies or beginners. I regularly hear people say things like “I should prayer more” or “I should pray longer” or “I just don’t know how to pray.” As the school year kicks off and students, teachers, and administrators all begin a new academic adventure, it seems fitting for our whole church community to put ourselves in a similar posture in order to just give it a try. This August, we are going re-enter Jesus’ school of prayer and begin again to pursue God through an active prayer life. In other words, we’re going to Try Praying.

In Edinburgh, Scotland, churches across denominational lines have joined together to encourage their whole city to “try praying” each year during the month of April. Here’s a short video to introduce you to their just-give-it-a-try for seven days approach:

If you watched carefully, you’ll have noticed that a small prayer guide was portrayed that helped the seven day Try Praying personal experience along. We will have these prayer guides available at Elmhurst CRC on Sunday mornings for the next few weeks.

Through the remainder of August, our Sunday worship services will invite both religious and non-religious people to begin again when it comes to prayer and just give it a try.

Grace and Peace to you as we make a fresh start in Jesus’ name,

Pastor Gregg

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