Nothing Is Impossible

June 13, 2018 by Kara Hackert

This week Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church hosts SpringHill Day Camp. Our building is filled with children participating in Bible stories, skits, high-adventure activities, and tons of fun. I have said numerous times how much I love the sounds of this week: the laughter, the cheering, the conversations, and especially the singing. This morning as I was listening to the kids belt out praise and worship songs during large group time, the lines of the songs started to bring up different images of camp for me. I want to share a couple of those with you.

The song “Nothing Is Impossible” appears to be a hit with the kids. I’ve heard them singing it as they go about their days. Here are two of my favorite lines:

“Through you nothing is impossible”

This is a week when kids are trying something new every day! God is right alongside them overcoming these new challenges. * One camper was convinced he would not hit the target. Such a smile on his face when he did!

“It’s you who gives me strength”

These campers are using their muscles climbing the rock wall and cargo net. *

When the groups pray they circle up and link hands. They talk about how God allows their strengths (fingers) to support and cover the weaknesses (bridges between fingers) of their neighbors and vice versa. At the end of their prayer they raise their joined hands in the air and form a crown for Jesus. *

This year, a new song, “Brave,” has been added to the SpringHill list.

“Your love makes me brave”is a perfect line to sing with all of the high-adventure activities that go on this week.

Campers sail through the air on the Flying Squirrel. They jump and flip on the Euro Bungee. They splash down the water slide. And they climb to the top of the sanctuary on a rope ladder. God gives them their courage.*

But I see bravery in other ways too. Our middle and high school students volunteer as Counselors in Training. They are asked to share their testimonies with their group of campers. It is such a wonderful experience, but it does take an extra dose of God’s love and bravery for some of them to do this.

My all time favorite song that the campers sing this week is a high-energy version of “This Little Light of Mine.” I love hearing them singing about spreading the love of Jesus together.

“It’s love and I gotta let it show”

I see this love every day as campers are encouraged to encourage each other. All day long they cheer each other on in every activity.

Counselors share the love of Jesus with their campers during devotion time (and all day long). It’s wonderful to walk past a little group sitting in a circle while they talk about what Jesus means to them.*

“It’s brightest when we’re shining together”

Each group participates in team building. The campers learn that they shine brightest when they work together to achieve a group goal.

I love to see such joy pour out of the kids, CITs, and counselors as they sing and dance. It is a week full of joy, encouragement, and energy. It is such a blessing to be a part of a camp that is built on God’s strength and Jesus’ love.

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement this week!

--Kara Hackert, Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Listen to to the song Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers HERE

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