Fall Forecast

August 14, 2020 by Gregg DeMey

I’ve always rolled my eyes when the advanced forecasts for winter weather roll out in mid-July. I had never considered the plight of the unfortunate meteorologist who is obligated to make predictions about a future that is largely unknown. These days, we are all in the shoes of those unfortunate meteorologists as we try to make plans for a future whose forecast is foggy at best. School plans… church plans…. voting plans…. we’re all in the same bind: obligated to make a long-range forecast without really knowing precisely what’s ahead.

With that disclaimer, I’d like to share with you a picture of what our fall ministry season will look like at Elmhurst CRC. While all of our regular ministries will continue, many of our old ways of doing things will not be able to work the same way. However, the core of what we’re asked to do by God hasn’t changed in the least. We are here to help each person grow spiritually in Jesus.

Here’s what I know:

  • This fall we’ll be using the great outdoors as a way to gather together as often as we can.
  • This fall, we’ll be leveraging Livestream, Zoom, and other internet tools whenever possible to deliver biblical/spiritual content and connect with one another.
  • This fall, we’ll be using the old-fashioned phone like it’s the 1989 to check in, speak heart to heart and share life.
  • Our staff is working hard to compose comprehensive plans with best practices for pick up, drop off, small group meetings, cleaning protocols etc…. We’re doing all we can to be as safely open as we can.

For example, this year Little Lambs will be offered as both a virtual and in-person experience. Session sizes will be small. Kids will travel in “pods” rather than in large groups. There will be masks and lots of cleaning procedures. There will be art, music, and lots of Bible stories. The heart of what’s best of Little Lambs will continue, while the delivery system undergoes some necessary changes. I commend Lynda Clousing and her staff for embracing this moment and letting their love for kids energize all that this is being called forth.

A couple final things:

  • This fall, we’ll continue to worship outdoors twice a month as long as weather allows. We’ll continue Livestreaming worship every Sunday with an increasing variety of elements (keep your eyes open for some outdoor sermons coming up!)
  • This fall, we will grow more intentional and disciplined in the way we serve our community. Our first ever “5th Sunday Serve” is coming up on August 30th under Pastor Jeff’s leadership. We are striving to do as many small acts as we can, with a great big heart of love.

I forecast that as we spend time in the Bible and time in simple acts of service, we will grow spiritually and God will get some glory. It’s always been this way. I don’t need a crystal ball or a meteorologist to make that prediction!

I pray that this blessed forecast is ahead for you this fall.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Gregg

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