June 29, 2018 by Gregg DeMey, Jeff Klein

Summer is here and green and growing things are all around us. I can’t help but notice the colorful array of trees, flowers, and even fruit that each plant produces. God created such an incredible diversity of life!

Looking at these plants got us thinking about DNA, you know, the genetic building blocks of life. Each plant has distinct DNA that allows it to produce its own unique kind of flowers or fruit. So of course, when I (Gregg) planted a grapefruit tree in our yard in California, it didn’t grow cherries or berries or peaches – only grapefruit. A plant doesn’t have to work hard to produce its fruit; it’s just a natural byproduct of its DNA.

This got me thinking about our church. Jesus said that you could know and evaluate a plant by the fruit it produces. Churches, like plants, have unique DNA. That DNA is expressed—enfleshed even—as we move upward toward God, inward together as a community, and outward on God’s Mission.

The next season for our church will be largely focused on the DNA that leads to the outward movement into Mission. This fall, we are going to preach about and study together The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations, a set of behaviors that will help us to engage our neighbors, friends, and co-workers in the kinds of relationships that lead to spiritual conversations. These practices will build our missional muscles as a church.

But learning these skills is not the end. In January and February 2019, we will be participating in a citywide spiritual awareness campaign called Explore God Chicago. We will be standing alongside 400 other churches in Chicago addressing the 7 Big Questions people in our world typically have about God, as well as inviting people where we live, work, and play to come and “explore God” with us.

This is a great chance to unify with the Church of Jesus Christ around the central reason for our existence: the Gospel.

We wanted you to hear about this now and mark down an important date on your calendars. On Sunday, September 9* from 5-7 pm, we’re going to tell you more about the ways you can participate in increasing the outward facing DNA at Elmhurst CRC.

See you then.

Pastor Gregg and Rev Klein

*August 26 for small group leaders

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