Because He Lives

April 5, 2018

The resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything. Everything! Think about it: Jesus’ resurrection is the reason we celebrated Easter last week, but also the reason we worship together every Sunday. It’s the reason we sing, pray, hope, dream...and a million other things in the life of this church and her people. It’s also the reason why this Sunday we’ll be starting a new sermon series based on 1 Corinthians 15, The Residue of the Resurrection. Each Sunday through May, we’ll look at various ways the world--and our individual lives--have changed because of Jesus.

To help us think through how Jesus’ resurrection has changed our lives, after the sermon this Sunday, everyone will be invited to use your phone to text a one-word response to either of the following prompts:

Because he lives, I can _________________.


Because he lives, I have ________________.

At the end of the service, we’ll display everyone’s (anonymous) responses so we can all see how Jesus is changing our lives. Consider it a high-tech way of sharing testimony.

Of course, one of the other things we do because Jesus lives is take seriously his words about loving our neighbors and bringing the good news to our communities and beyond. To that end, I’m thrilled to announce that Rev. Jeff Klein has joined our staff as our new part-time Director of Outreach. Jeff came to our attention during the associate pastor search process. Though we agreed he wasn’t quite the right fit for that role, it quickly became clear that his gifts, passion, and vision would be perfect for the outreach role vacated when Peter Semeyn retired.

Some of us know Jeff from his past roles as a teacher and coach at Timothy Christian and as a teaching pastor at Faith-Dyer Church. Others of us know him from his more recent roles as the church planter of Jericho Road in Wheaton and as a consultant with Q-Place, where he has helped churches sharpen their mission. Still others will enjoy getting to know Jeff who is one of the more lively and young-at-heart men you will ever meet.

Jeff’s role as Director of Outreach is teeming with opportunity for him and the church. His work will focus less on starting new programs and more on helping all our ministries reach our neighbors and the world as Jesus asked us. We’re excited to see how God uses his gifts in our community.

Please join us all in welcoming Jeff Klein to ECRC—and keep thinking what you can now do or what you now have because Jesus lives! Can’t wait to see everyone’s replies on Sunday.

Pastor Gregg, #g2G

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