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Click link below to begin:

The confidential survey will be conducted online only, this link is accessible from March 12-26. No one from the church sees your survey responses. All information is confidential and will be released to our church from the professional data processing center in aggregated form only. Thank you for participating in this important baseline stewardship survey. 


Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church Online Stewardship Survey FAQs

Why should I participate?
The information gained from the survey will help our church continue to grow its members to view all the resources with which God blesses us—our finances, our time & our abilities—in a way that honors Him and grows His Kingdom. In addition, many survey participants have found this experience to be of great personal value. It's a time to reflect on the spiritual relationship between the gifts God has provided and our management of those resources.

How do I access the survey?
Go online to to and clink on the survey link to begin.

How long will the survey take to complete?
Please set aside approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey. The survey cannot be saved and re-opened; however, if you are interrupted while completing the survey, it will not time out so you will be able to return and complete it.

Who should take the survey?
We are asking all congregants 18 years and older to take the survey.
That may mean there is one, two or even three or more persons taking the survey in a household.

Is my survey data confidential?
Yes. No one from church sees the survey responses. All information is confidential and will be released to the church from the professional data processing center in an aggregated form only.

Why should I share such personal information? Isn't this information just between me and God?
The information you share remains between you and God; your responses are not linked to your name.
Stewardship of our time, talent and treasure and creation is a spiritual issue. As a body of believers, our priority is the spiritual health of our members. Stewardship affects every aspect of our lives. The church is the place to encourage and help equip Christians in their daily walk.

Each person's participation will help provide an accurate profile of the attitudes and practices of our congregation as it relates to stewardship.This survey will not only provide a factual profile of our members as a whole, but will help our church better focus on the strengths and challenges that the survey provides.

Other Questions?
We hope this information will encourage you now to complete the online survey. If you have other questions that you feel need answering in order to participate in the survey, please contact the Ten Talents Team representative, Kathy Jelinek at

Thank you in advance for vour valuable input.
~ The Ten Talents Team in conjunction with the Barnabas Foundation