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Welcome Back


We are reopening for an indoor worship service — with a live studio audience for our Livestream service — on October 18!  We have been working hard to make sure that when you are ready to return, you will feel safe and confident to do so.


Prior to Indoor Worship

Register online (registration is now closed for the 10/18 worship) before and submit a reservation request. Attendance is limited to 100 for this service. If you’re unable to register online, call the church office at 630.600.5100.
You'll receive initial confirmation, and a second confirmation before Sunday with seat assignment. If registration exceeds capacity, those not selected for the 10/18 service will be given preference for the next indoor service.
Read the health screening form when you register, and confirm your health via the email sent before your arrival Sunday morning. If you are unable to do so via email, you can be screened in-person on Sunday before entering the Worship Center.
You’ll do a complete or express check-in in-person on Sunday morning to confirm health status and attendance for contract tracing purposes. If you haven't already completed your waiver form online, you’ll print, sign and drop off, your signed waiver form at this time.

Participating in Indoor Worship

Face masks are required while in the building for those ages two and older.
Physical Distancing
Remain six feet apart during the service and throughout the building.
Follow signage. Strategic entrance, dismissal by sections and immediate exit from building.

Your Health & Safety is Our Priority

While we cannot eliminate all risk, we are closely monitoring and implementing safe reopening guidelines as recommended by the CDC and health professionals. To ensure your health and wellness, we are:
Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures throughout the facility.
Temperature Screening
Required before entry to the building.
Increased outside air exchange throughout worship and restroom areas.