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The Wilderness

There is a place where God routinely takes his people, his chosen and favorite people. It’s called the wilderness. As I’m writing this early on Friday morning, it LOOKS like a wilderness outside my window in Illinois. The sky is a steel curtain overhead, snow is flying…   Read More »

Ready for Easter

This has been an unsettling Holy Week. So many of the treasured traditions that make this week so special have not been possible in the same way while we practice social distancing. My guess is that many of you feel this same loss. It’s sad to let go of favorite worship…   Read More »

Getting Ready for Communion

                    In this unusual season of sheltering-in-place, we are both separated in a physical sense, and also united in that we are sharing the experience of staying at home. What a bizarre sort…   Read More »

You’re So Needy

One famous description of Jesus calls him “God’s everything for humanity’s total need.” * That is quite the comprehensive job description! It’s humbling to think how vast our human needs are. It’s awesome to think that Jesus possesses everything to meet…   Read More »

Invitations for Lent

The Season of Lent is almost upon us. It begins next week on “Ash Wednesday” and continues for 40 days through Holy Week in early April, all the way to Easter Sunday morning. The church has long observed this spiritual season in order to refocus our vision on Jesus himself, to…   Read More »

I’m Listening

At the ripe old age of 74, it sometimes feels like I have seen it all (my grandkids wonder if I had a pet dinosaur when I was little!). Then I experience or read or hear about something new or something old from a new point of view. I should be used to it, but then I remember what we…   Read More »

Tuff Stuff

This Sunday, Pastor Gregg will begin our three-week “Tough Stuff” sermon series. Each week, he will preach on issues surrounding the dignity of life, gender and sexuality, and politics.  In many ways, I’m excited: I LOVE hearing or reading topics that spark deeper…   Read More »

The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow…

When the winter weather gets a little dreary — for instance, during the midst of the least sunny stretch of weeks that Chicago has seen in decades —I instinctively fight back. One of my tricks is to imagine a little girl, down on her luck, optimistically belting out these…   Read More »

Super Sunday

Sunday, February 2 is going to be as action packed as a day can be. Some of this activity will be generated by great things at Elmhurst CRC. Some of it is happening in the wider world. Here’s a possible itinerary for the day: 7:26 a.m. The sun will rise over Gobbler’s Knob,…   Read More »

Whale of a Time

When modern people encounter the story of Jonah, an inevitable question follows:  “Did he or didn’t he really get swallowed by a fish?” At Elmhurst CRC, we’ve been diving into the short, winsome book of Jonah this January (aka Jonahuary). I’ve heard some…   Read More »

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