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In an effort to support local businesses that might be negatively impacted by the effects of the Illinois Stay-At-Home orders, ECRC staff is ordering out, ordering in and buying gift cards to support locally-owned businesses in our own neighborhoods! 
These are some of our favorites. We invite you to try them and let us know your favorites! 


"This is a favorite among many ECRC staff members. It's close by, and their inexpensive lunch specials come with the best vegetable egg rolls. I love the Tofu Pad Thai and the Spicy Bambu Chicken (or Tofu). The curries are amazing. It all is!" ~ Caryn Rivadeneira

"After a day of working in the yard who wants to cook? So, we order some delicious mediteranean food from Cedar Grill. The chicken shawarma is my favorite and the dinner plate (that includes rice, naan, mixed veges, and  lentil soup) is enough for lunch the next day. Russ's favorite is the mixed grill dinner plate. The rice is amazing, but if you want to go low carb, they will substitute a salad instead. Whatever you order, make sure it includes the grilled vegetables!" ~ Lynda and Russ Clousing


"You’ve got time on your hands, why not make some wine or brew some beer (or both). Owners, (and ECRC members) Laura and Kyle Schnettler have everything you need to make your own tasty beverages." ~ Doug Bardolph

"Check out their set menu or daily specials. Everything is amazing, but Kevin's Famous Kale Salad (in the case every day) is the best (and his occasional Kale Waldorf salad is even better!). And if they have lemon ricotta cookies, get one (or six)."~ Caryn Rivadeneira

"Our family loves to bike over to Frankie’s Deli for amazing sandwiches and salads as a special treat.  They also have a large freezer section where you can grab all sorts of frozen Italian meals.  The first time I had Frankie’s was when I was a new mom with a one-week-old baby.  Another ECRC mom brought over a frozen lasagna and cheesy breadsticks – she said to throw it in my freezer and take it out on a day when I was feeling really tired.  Call ahead, place an online order, or just walk in and pick up ready to go food. They sell gift cards!" ~ Kara Hackert

"Reasons to love it: super conveniently located to ECRC at the corner of York and Butterfield, breakfast food always available, hash browns never let you down, kind owner who has bent over backwards to help our church out in some major pinches, locally owned and loved, and strategically located next door to Oberweiss for dessert!" ~ Gregg DeMey

"We love Fringe of Lombard for our haircuts, color, and styling. Our favorite stylist is Lyla, but they are all great! Fringe is located in downtown Lombard, locally owned and operated. They are currently closed, but are offering gift cards and on Wednesdays they have been doing curb-side pickup for products." ~ Rachel & Julia Klooster

"It’s a bakery…. Donuts, cookies, coffee cakes, pies, specialty cakes, and of course, their famous pound cake. Get it all at this delightful family-owned, family-run, and, oh so tasty local bakery." ~ Beth Bardolph

"Our family has been enjoying Mijo’s Tacos, a new restaurant in Villa Park. Everything we have tried has been delicious but my personal favorite is the picadillo tostada. We call in our order for curbside pickup; minutes later it's ready!" ~ Michelle DeJong


"Mike’s is your friendly neighborhood meat serving up fresh cuts of meat, poultry, and seafood as well as prepared entries such as meatloaf and stuffed chicken breasts. Their shelves house lots of other essential cooking items if you need them.  Stop in today and don’t forget to take a number. Fun fact: Andy Pasek used to work here." ~ Beth Bardolph

"The breakfast, lunch and dinner place where everyone knows your name...One of the best values in the area that is pretty much unchanged since 1964. My favorite is the Chorizo Avocado Skillet (with pancakes, of course) Be sure to ask for the green hot sauce! So many other good things though including the pizza! ~ Kyle Olson

"Owned by the Thompson family, they offer great fresh roasted coffee drinks and tasty homemade treats for pickup." ~ Doug Bardolph



"Make the best ice cream in the world, and they are the nicest people to be around! My family and I love to ride our bikes to their shop and then have a tasty treat. The owner is a great phenomenal woman that cares deeply for her community. The Paseks highly recommend that you make a trip and pick up one of their sundae kits for a great family night!" ~ Andy Pasek & family

Tell us about your favorite locally-owned business HERE!