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We've put together weekly Children’s Worship and Little Lambs lessons that will give your kids God time, connection with what we are doing as a church family, and activities to do while at home. We hope these will be encouraging and promote a sense of normalcy for your children. Check back for updated curriculum, resources and stories!

Children’s Ministry Resources

Little Lambs Curriculum 

Week of March 29

  • BIble Story
  • Music - Into My Heart - with Aunt DIna
  • "Grow My Up Like You" with Aunt Dina
  • "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ" with Aunt Dina
  • "What Can Wash Away My Sin?' with Aunt Dina
  • "Keep Your Tongue From Evil" with Aunt Dina
  • "Heaven is a Wonderful Place" with Aunt Dina
  • "God's Not Dead" with Aunt Dina


Week of March 22

  • Bible Story

  • Creative Learning

  • Wrap Up

Week of March 15

  • Bible Story VIDEO
  • Creative Learning VIDEO
  • Wrap-up

Children's Worship Curriculum 


1st-5th Grade


Family Resources
Our favorite online resources for kids - games, articles, videos, podcasts, etc.

Holy Week

Bibles, Books, and Videos

Faith and Fun

Parenting Articles

Questons? Contact Kara Hackert, Director of Children & Family Ministries