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Worship and Arts

Worship at ECRC

We believe "worship" is the posture we assume in relation to God, our Creator and Savior. When we genuinely hear God's voice and experience the depth of his love through Jesus' sacrifice for us, we are naturally and inevitably grateful. This posture of gratitude is worship.

The heart of a worshipper desires to live every moment as a thankful response to God. Worship definitely happens on Sunday morning when we meet together to sing, pray, hear the Word, break bread and share stories. But it's not the only place we worship.

Worship happens on the job. It happens in the car.

Worship happens in the silence of the evening at the end of a tough day.

Worship happens in our relationships; with kids, with friends, with strangers. It can even happen in the line at the grocery store.

And when worship doesn't happen, we stop-recognize, confess our lack of gratitude and accept God's forgiveness-and then start all over again.

Every moment is an invitation to live out a joyful response to the presence of God.

Music Ministries

Music plays a vital role In our church’s worship, discipleship and outreach. We use an array of music to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk...

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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts team encompasses all of the volunteers who contribute to the visual experience in worship: fine art pieces, graphic design, multimedia projects, photography, sanctuary decorations and other creative visual elements.

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