Welcome to Student Ministries at ECRC. We exist to bring students closer to Jesus. Our mission is to engage students in a welcoming community that loves, grows, and serves together. We do this by creating a space of unconditional love and acceptance that will allow for authentic and genuine relationships. By teaching solid Biblical truths that allow us to grow together. And by serving the world around us like Jesus taught and did! Our Student Ministries provide opportunities for outreach, community, discipleship ministry, and service for all students. Meetings involve recreational activities and fellowship that include small group Bible studies, doctrinal instruction, leadership development and spiritual growth through age appropriate service/mission projects. We desire to see our youth make a life-changing connection to Jesus.


The Edge (Grades 9-12)

Maximum Velocity (Grades 6-8)

Profession of Faith

This is a mentorship process to help students understand their commitment to Christ and His people, preparing students for their full commitment to Christ and the congregational life of ECRC.  This process begins each fall.

Purpose: The Elmhurst CRC Profession of Faith experience exists to help junior high and high school age individuals, move toward being a source of God’s shining light and living water. By publicly celebrating their saving faith in Christ, and entering into the congregational life of Elmhurst CRC professing members.

Mentors can check out the materials before making the decision to be a mentor.  Please prayerfully consider your involvement.

Purpose of Profession of Faith Process:

  • Public testimony of saving faith in Christ
    • Present the gospel of salvation
    • Evaluate a young person’s relationship to the gospel
    • Encourage the student to take the next step in his/her faith journey
    • Closure & celebration for those who pledged support at the time of baptism
  • Congregational identification & membership
    • Educate regarding fundamentals of Reformed theology
    • Clarify how an individual can & should live in local church community