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Whale of a Time

When modern people encounter the story of Jonah, an inevitable question follows:  “Did he or didn’t he really get swallowed by a fish?” At Elmhurst CRC, we’ve been diving into the short, winsome book of Jonah this January (aka Jonahuary). I’ve heard some…   Read More »

Better Than A Resolution

One of my favorite pastors, Nicky Gumbel, serves a congregation called Holy Trinity Brompton on the west side of London. Nicky is a member of a neighborhood gym where he plays squash with a group of friends. As the year turned, Nicky observed that his gym was moving in a load of extra…   Read More »

The Shortest Day of the Year

This Saturday, December 21st, will be the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. As the sunlight hours wane in November and December, I feel a similar movement in my bones: energy, patience, and pep diminish with the daylight.  Because of this, as I’ve written…   Read More »

Cardinal in a Coal Mine

As the heart of winter nears, we human beings are alone among all God’s creatures in how busy we try to be. Bears hibernate. Squirrels hunker down in their nests with their horde of oak nuts. We humans work overtime and schedule exams. No wonder we can feel a little stressed out this…   Read More »

I’ve Got An Idea

“I’ve got an idea…”  That’s a phrase I like to use when I’ve had a breakthrough. Perhaps you’ve used it triumphantly while solving a particularly vexing problem or when writing a speech or mulling over the perfect Christmas gift for your…   Read More »



York Community Resource Center is a multi-purpose resource center serving residents of Brandywine and other surrounding Villa Park neighborhoods. Their goal is to provide the children of these communities opportunities to reach their highest potential. They began in 2014 and currently host…   Read More »


This past Monday, Elmhurst CRC’s staff assembled next door at Park Place for a five-hour “retreat.” Getting out of our offices and ordinary environments affords us the opportunity to sing, pray, laugh, learn, and see the big picture of what God is doing with fresh eyes.…   Read More »



Back in June, on the longest day of the year, I had the pleasure of listening to the world’s foremost cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, play a free concert in at Millenium Park downtown Chicago. Millenium Park claims a capacity of 11,000 people. Some estimates of the number of people gathered…   Read More »

Up and Down

Up and Down

November is the month when nature sends us gifts from above. I typically look to the skies this time of year expecting to see the lovely flutter fall of autumn leaves. Alas, this past week’s gifts from above have mostly been in the form of snowflakes instead!  While nature…   Read More »

Huddle Up

Huddle Up

If you visited an Orthodox Jewish Seminary, you might be surprised to find classes full of animated discussions as groups of students gather around a text from the Hebrew Scriptures and spiritedly converse about it. The Hebrew people call such discussion groups, haverims. A haverim is a…   Read More »

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