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Job Openings @ Elmhurst CRC

Special Needs Coordinator
The Special Needs Coordinator will develop and lead the special needs ministry of our church with the goal of inclusion and discipleship.  They will work to provide a nurturing and loving environment for children with special needs and their families; a place where the love of Jesus is felt and relationships are built.  The coordinator will seek to provide for the health and safety of all children as well as establish the trust of the parents.

The coordinator will need a knowledge and understanding of special needs including related policies, procedures, and modifications. 

The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:
Observe and learn about the special needs of our children in all of our ministries. (Children’s Worship, Little Lambs, Wednesday Evening Ministries, Youth, SHE, and Summer Camps)
Create individual plans for our children with special needs.  Monitor these children and adjust plans as needed.
Provide training/education and support for staff members and volunteers. 
Connect with parents on a regular basis.
Oversee the buddy program including recruiting, training, and support of volunteers.
Co-chair the LEAP committee.
Work with the co-chair to lead the planning of LEAP events, family get-togethers and at church respite care for families.
Meet with other churches to observe what they do and develop ways that we can work together.
Monitor special needs ministry web presence on the church website.

Supervisor: Director of Care and Community  and Children’s Ministry Coordinator
Work Expectations: Ten hours a week
Education:  Special Education degree or related field and experience.   
Contact: Jack Lanenga, Executive Director of Operations (send cover letter and resume)