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Who do I contact if I need care?

If you need care, please do one of the following, based on your preference:

  • Call the church office at 630-600-5100 during office hours (Mon-Thur 8:30-5, Fri 8:30-12:30),
  • Call one of the staff listed below directly on Sat-Sun or after hours on week days
  • Bert DeJong, Congregational Care Associate: 630-306-7051 (Mobile);
  • Gregg DeMey, Pastor: 630-750-9797 (M),
  • Contact your small group leader (if you are in a small group); small group leader will contact Director of Care and Community for serious situations and hospitalizations (with your permission).
  • Email the prayer chain at - all staff , elders and many others receive this information immediately.
  • Remember – we can only provide support if you take a few minutes to contact us.
  • Communion - If you are unable to attend worship services for an extended period of timeand would like to receive communion at your residence, please contact Pastor Gregg at church to arrange for a home visit with an elder or a pastor.

What can I expect when I need care?

  • Sickness
    • Initial hospital visit done by a pastor (unless very short stay)
    • Follow-up visits done by Director of Care, Pastor, small group leader/members, Elder (if appropriate)
    • Support from Deaconesses
    • Prayer support
    • Prayer shawl
  • Death
    • Pastor attendance at the wake or funeral of a close family member (spouse, parent, child)
    • Support from your small group leader and members
    • Card from Deaconesses and funeral lunch if requested
    • Prayer support
    • Follow-up by Bereavement Ministry Team for two years
  • Other (broken relationships, addictions, financial difficulties, spiritual struggles, etc)
    • Pastoral Counseling if requested
    • Deacon support
    • Small Group support
    • Prayer support
    • Multi-team approach for complex situations including referrals to Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Healing Heart Ministry, Support Groups, other Healing Ministries, or Community Resources as appropriate.