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I have never looked for a job.

I was recruited for my first job at age 14. A neighbor owned a used car lot and asked me to wash cars during the summer months. Every job I have had since that time someone knew me, or knew of me, and I was contacted about my interest.

I realize this is unusual. I realize how fortunate I have been. I have walked beside Becky through the teacher application and interview process on numerous occasions. She disliked that process and I felt guilty because we had moved to a new location for a ministry adventure.

I realize my story is unique. There are many who have struggled with employment, who have had businesses fail, positions eliminated, or a market dry up. There are many who have been unemployed for weeks, months, or even years. Their stories have always lead me to realize my good fortune.

In one week, I will no longer have a job; and I have nothing specific planned.

Some people are worried about me. They remind me that I don’t have a “sit around” personality. I will need something to do. I have enough self-awareness to know that about myself.

My first priority is to rest, relax and enjoy my summer. Retirement will give me the gift of time: time to read without pressure, time to enjoy a leisurely bike ride or several rounds of golf, time with Becky and our family, time to spontaneously take a road trip for a day, or two, or more.

I am not anxious about my future: part of the reason is my history with work. The other reason is Hebrews 11:1. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. God commended the ancients for this.
I love this Bible passage.  Part of what I love about it are the verses that follow with examples of Biblical characters who demonstrated this kind of faith. Their circumstances were much more profound than mine. They took huge leaps of faith.
I have faith in God for my future, but not certainty.
Faith includes doubt. In fact, without doubt, why would anyone need faith?  Doubt, or a lack of certainty, creates the need for faith. I intend to invest my time this summer in discernment; an ongoing conversation with God about what he might have in store for me next. I realize that my situation is less stressful because I have a retirement plan. All I need to do is supplement my income.  At the same time, I do need something!

There are two choices you can make in a situation like this; you can allow yourself to become anxious and look for something to do in a frenzied state, or you can trust God with the process. I intend to do the latter.

I’ll let you know which choice I make.

~ Rev