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I am a list maker, planner, goal setting kind of guy. Becky is not. She is much more seat of the pants, it will all work out, don’t worry about it kind of person. We are good for each other. Although my goal setting and plan making can drive her crazy. It is the last week of the year, so…   Read More »

Things Get Lost

The date was chosen for pragmatic reasons. It fit our schedule. I was a first year teacher coaching football and basketball in Eaton Rapids, Michigan (a small town about 20 minutes South of East Lansing). Becky was finishing her senior year at Hope. We had planned to get married in the…   Read More »

God is Odd

As I have been preparing for this week’s message, I have been reflecting on the events that make up the Christmas story. My text for this Sunday is the story of the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary (Luke 1:26-38). Gabriel lays out the whole plan for Mary. She is going to become pregnant,…   Read More »

Romantic Notions

When we lived in Downers Grove 20+ years ago, we lived close enough to walk downtown to Main Street. We loved to walk there with our young family and shop locally. I had a favorite store I would visit frequently. I loved that store. It was quaint, cozy and had merchandize that met my…   Read More »

Wearing Your Colors

Part of my Thanksgiving weekend festivities included attending the Michigan State vs. Northwestern football game. My son, Jesse, is an MSU grad, and he had gotten tickets through the principal of the school where he teaches. She is also an MSU grad. The weather wasn’t the greatest...a…   Read More »

Ants Marching

I suppose this week I should write about Thanksgiving, or maybe the beginning of the Christmas Season (Advent, as we call it in the church world). But that would be a bit too predictable. I didn’t want to write about giving thanks or celebrating gifts.I was in the coffee shop the other…   Read More »

The Journey

Today is our middle child’s birthday. I don’t know about you, but my kids birthdays cause me to reflect on their lives. Often, I get flashbacks to particular events that remain significant and serve as a way of shaping me into the person I am today. For instance, I remember the day…   Read More »


Time. That’s what was on my mind last week. The whole nation had to think about time Saturday night. We acknowledged daylight savings time by setting our clocks to “fall back” an hour. As far as time changes go, it is my favorite. The night we change we get to sleep an extra hour.…   Read More »


You never know. You just never know.It began like any other week day. Your family gets up, each at their own time and own pace. You eat breakfast, get ready for work or school, you talk about your schedule to make sure your kids aren’t stranded at school without a ride home, or your wife…   Read More »

Love Your Enemies

Last week’s message touched a chord with many people. I have had conversations with several people from our congregation who mentioned how life provided them with opportunities this week to “love their enemies.” That didn’t happen because the message was powerful and poignant. It…   Read More »

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