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How to Receive Care at ECRC

Who do I contact if I need care?

  • Go to
  • Call the church office on Monday to Thursday (8:30-4:30)and Friday (8:30-12:30) at 630-600-5100.
  • Call one of the staff listed below directly on Saturday/Sunday or after hours on week days:
    • Bert DeJong, Pastor and Congregational Care Associate: 630-306-7051 (M),
    • Gregg  DeMey, Pastor: 630-750-9797 (M),
  • Contact your small group leader (if you are in a small group); small group leader will contact Director of Care and Community for serious situations and hospitalizations (with your permission).
  • Email the prayer chain: – all staff and elders and many others receive this information immediately.
  • Remember – we can only provide support if you take a few minutes to contact us
  • Communion - If you are unable to attend worship services for an extended period of time and would like to receive communion at your residence, please contact Pastor Gregg at church to arrange for a home visit with an elder or a pastor

What can I expect when I need care?


  • Initial hospital visit done by a pastor (unless very short stay)
  • Follow-up visits done by Director of Care, pastor, small group leader/members, elder if appropriate
  • Support from Deaconesses,
  • Prayer support
  • Prayer shawl


  • Pastor attendance at the wake or funeral of a close family member (spouse, parent, child)
  • Support from your small group leader and members
  • Card from Deaconesses and funeral lunch if requested
  • Prayer support
  • Follow-up by Bereavement Ministry Team for two years

Other (broken relationships, addictions, financial difficulties, spiritual struggles, etc)

  • Pastoral Counseling if requested
  • Deacon support
  • Small Group support
  • Prayer support
  • Multi-team approach for complex situations including referrals to Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Healing Heart Ministry, Support Groups, other Healing Ministries, or Community Resources as appropriate