“Wonderful faith-based learning program for little ones.” –Allison, Lombard

“We have enjoyed watching our son grow over his year in Little Lambs. We love the songs, books, stories he shares and art projects. A lot of thought goes into each day - thank you!” –
Helena, Elmhurst

“It has been the highlight of our week. One of our daughters came to know Jesus through Little Lambs. One of our [older] daughters has loved being a helper - which has given her leadership skills and built her confidence. Thank you!” –Karyn, Lombard

“The content from Little Lambs has started many wonderful conversations in our house that I don't think we would have had otherwise, and I’m grateful for that! It is amazing to me how those songs have stuck with and impacted both our kids!” - Lauren, Elmhurst

“My kids often pick the [take-home] books to read (over and over) and repeat the lessons to me.” – Maria, Oak Brook

“A place to learn about God, Jesus, love, compassion and community. The staff is very loving, patient and kind to both children and parents.” - Katharine, Elmhurst

“Love how the theme carries through and how you send the details home each week. Little Lambs has made an impact on our entire family. A warm, fun, and educational experience to bring [our daughter] closer to God. ” –Kira, Elmhurst

“It has been great to see our daughter come home and sing the songs and talk about God.” - Anonymous

A few quotes from the children themselves when asked by their parents what they liked best:

Free Play- “we love Playdoh!”- Brooke, “ ‘cuz it’s super fun!”- Scott
Take-home Books- “I love books about God!”-Addie
Bible- “Bible stories because Jesus is #1!”-Kadence

“Being a work-from-home mom, it has meant that my son could take a step towards independence in a safe, loving, nurturing, God-centered environment. Most of the time I didn’t do drop off /pick up so [the newsletter] was helpful to know what he was doing and be able to talk with him about the lessons. We love Little Lambs and all the “aunts” (and “uncles”) that made it possible and can’t wait for next year!” – Becky, Lombard

“A wonderfully supportive place that opened my child’s eyes and heart to God. I can’t praise Little Lambs and all the staff enough for the wonderful care and attention they give to all the children.” –Katharine, Elmhurst

“Little Lambs is the highlight of the week. Music speaks to them the most. They sing the songs all week long.”- Karyn, Lombard

“This is our first experience with Little Lambs and I cannot say enough good things about it. I’d recommend it to anyone. The people who run it/volunteer are special people![My son] loved it from Day 1. It is remarkable how much he has retained.” – Julie, Elmhurst