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Glimmers of Hope

Glimmers of Hope

The Glimmers of Hope trees will be on display after services on December 3 and 10. It's our opportunity to raise money to help those in need during the Christmas Season. And just as important, we'll be able to come together as a congregation, teaching our children about the importance of giving in response to the most wonderful gift of all: when God gave us his only son Jesus.

We will have three white Christmas trees decorating the atrium foyer. Each of them will represent a worthy cause:

  • Our Church and Community: meeting the needs of people within our church and community by providing them with the essentials for living, such as food and clothing for children and adults.
  • Our World: via World Renew - buy a chicken, cow, or another item from their catalog to help those in need across the world.  World Renew is the development, disaster response, and justice arm of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
  • Angola Prison in Louisiana - provide a special Christmas gift for the prisoners who attend the joint satellite worship service between Elmhurst CRC and Angola.  
  • Lampstand Ministries : Many of the people that Lampstand Ministries serves live on the street. One of their biggest needs is having personal care bags. Your donation will help buy the personal bags for those in need.

Each tree will have “ornaments” that symbolize gifts you can give. Come with your family. Come with your creativity. Come with your generous spirits!