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Elders shall oversee the doctrine and life of the congregation and fellow office bearers in Christ's name. They received this task when Christ entrusted the apostles and their successors with the keys of the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 16:19). Elders are responsible for the spiritual well-being of God's people. They shall encourage discipleship along with pastoral care of the congregation, shall participate in and promote evangelism, and shall defend the faith.  They must provide for preaching and teaching, regular celebration of the sacraments, and faithful counsel and discipline while keeping in confidence those matters entrusted to them.



Deacons serve by showing mercy to the church and to all people. They received this task in the early church when the apostles designated special persons for the work of mercy (Acts 6; 2 Cor.8-9). In Christ's name the deacons relieve victims of injustice. By this they show that Christians live by the Spirit of the kingdom, fervently desiring to give life the shape of things to come.  Deacons are therefore called to assess needs, promote stewardship and hospitality, collect and disburse resources for benevolence, and develop programs of assistance. They are called to speak words of Christian encouragement. Thus in word as well as deed they demonstrate the care of the Lord himself.


Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is responsible for the oversight of the administration, operations, personnel, and financial matters of the church. The SLT oversees four standing committees which are accountable to it - Finance, Personnel, Christian Education, and Audit. In addition, the SLT interacts with the Lead Pastor and Executive Director of Operations on matters of business and operations to provide accountability, guidance, and counsel as needed. A synopsis of the SLT’s monthly meetings are available online at